Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to change block management Company?

Changing your Block Management company is a straight forward process. Simply contact us today, and we will be happy to explain the process and how we can help.

Why change to McKenzie Homes Property Management?

You will receive first class service, save money and be able to enjoy your property whilst we work on any issues and problems. With our clear communication, hands on and personal approach we’re sure that you will soon see the difference.

Why choose Property Management?

Property Management is specialised field and requires time and effort, not many property owners can find the time to carry on the tasks themselves. Very few property owners have time to devote to the often specialised and varied tasks involved with property management. When appointing McKenzie Homes for the job, you can relax and be assured that your property is being well managed.

How do you deal with lessees in breach of their leases?

Any breach of lease is dealt with by informing the leaseholder of the breach and giving them time to remedy it. Constant breaches would be dealt with in consultation with the Directors and legal advice sought if necessary.

Why employ a Managing Agent

A Managing Agent such as McKenzie Homes Property Management has considerable knowledge, expertise and experience in the management of residential developments. A Managing Agent is able to advise upon the various issues including health and safety, changes in legislation and accounting requirements etc.

What are my responsibilities as an owner?

As an owner within a block of flats, you are responsible for everything within your flat, such as pipe work and wiring. You are also governed by covenants set out within the lease, for example ensuring there is no noise nuisance to other residents, not making any internal alterations and pet permission etc. Further details can be found in your lease.

Why do I pay a service charge?

The requirement to pay a service charge to a management company is set out in the lease. It is to enable the management company to provide all the services: window cleaning, communal electricity, minor repairs, building insurance and accountancy fees. For more information please refer to your annual service charge budget.

What is ground rent and why I do I pay it?

The obligation to pay ground rent is written into your lease, and is completely separate from the service charge. Leaseholders may be obliged to pay an annual rental charge to the freehold owner of the property. This is for the land upon which the property is built and for the rights to access across the communal gardens and surrounding areas.

Why do I pay extra for major works (e.g. external redecoration)?

The service charge budget is primarily designed to budget for the day to day costs of managing the property. There is a sum of money allocated as reserve which is used to fund unexpected costs or major works, however it may not be enough to cover all eventualities. In such cases, the cost of major works will need to be covered separately.

Does McKenzie Homes offer emergency out of hours cover?

Yes. McKenzie Homes has a system to monitor emergency calls. Clients need to mark their e-mails with the subject “Emergency” or state that is emergency in any voicemails left and this will be picked up, responded to and addressed promptly.